Celtic Chamber Music that sets your soul soaring.

na Skylark, which loosely means "the Skylark" in Irish, is a Central-Kentucky-based trio that shares the rich beauty of ancient traditional Celtic music through voice, Irish harp, Irish uilleann pipes, Irish fiddle, Irish whistles, flutes, Irish bodhran, and a little Appalachian mountain dulcimer for good measure.

Wherever this little trio goes, na Skylark charms and moves audiences in a big way. The group's "Old Ceol" recording was named one of the best new recordings of 2017 by the Celtic Connections radio show, and na Skylark's music can also be heard on various Celtic and folk music podcasts, as well as in live venues and festivals around the Eastern half of the U.S. We'd love to fly to you - just contact us for booking details!

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named one of 2017's best new recordings by "celtic connections" radio.

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Oh, Love! It is a Killing Thing

na Skylark

Original lyrics by Jannell Canerday; traditional tune from the P.W. Joyce "Old Irish Music and Song" collection (Dublin, 1909) via the Irish Traditional Music Archives (itma.ie).

Track Credits: Lorinda Jones, Harp and English Horn Cathy Wilde, Flute Jannell Canerday, Vocals and Fiddles Jason Bailey, Mandola and Mandocello Lark birdsongs from freesound (open source sound) Copyright 2020, na Skylark.

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Hear the music, see the movie! :-)

na Skylark, Celtic Chamber Trio

na Skylark is Lorinda Jones, Cathy Wilde, and Jannell Canerday.

na Skylark is Lorinda Jones, Cathy Wilde, and Jannell Canerday.

I am sending this during the concert to say you girls sound incredible! Thank you so much for doing this.”

— Larry C., Gatlinburg, TN

Meet the Larks

Lorinda Jones

irish harp, appalachian dulcimer, whistles

Each year, Lorinda travels thousands of miles as a much-sought-after harp and Appalachian dulcimer teacher and performer. She is a published author of several Mel Bay music books, and a board-certified music therapist. Gifted arranger, composer, and self-described music-theory nerd who loves nothing more than figuring out an "even-cooler" chord or progression – our unique sound owes much to Lorinda's genius.

Cathy Wilde

Irish uilleann pipes, flutes, whistles, and bodhran

"If it's a bundle of sticks, I'm your girl!" Cathy has been playing Irish traditional music around the U.S. for 20 years, and has followed the teachings of Irish music greats both living and past. About 10 years ago she took up the Irish uilleann pipes, and their beautiful, mournful sound has gifted her with the chance to teach and perform with bands, orchestras and choirs around the region.

Jannell Canerday

irish fiddle and song

With a naturalist and a professional musician for parents, Jannell's love of pure beauty – and her innate ability for expressing it musically – is hardly a surprise. She began singing almost before she could talk, and playing fiddle at the age of 4. Jannell fell in love with Irish traditional music in her teens and still finds it her spiritual home, but she also saves some heart-space for various old-time and modern-music ensembles.

"Moving." "Heartwarming." "Food for my Celtic Soul."