Mesmerizing ... Moving ... Authentic Celtic Roots Music ... Soulful ... Transporting ... A Tapestry of Sound.”

— Lark Listeners :-)

"Old Ceol" Recording On Sale!

as featured on "the irish and celtic music podcast," "celtic connections," "power folk," and more.

Welcome to our Music page! Just scroll down to hear samples from our 2017 recording, "Old Ceol."

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Loved the workshop and concert you and your trio did for us at the Knoxville Area Dulcimer Club last Sunday. GREAT concert! I purchased your 'Old Ceol' CD and LOVE it also. I very rarely listen to a CD over and over, but I am with this one ... Great variety, arrangements, and playing of course. What brought me to the website was to contact you so I could send my compliments. ” - Rudy Ryan